Goto Annotation ExamplesAnnotation ExamplesFiles: 3 
Example: Folder contains examples of file annotations
PlayGoto Bob SinclarBob SinclarDirectories: 2 
Bob Sinclar is a French DJ
PlayGoto Cass & SlideCass & SlideDirectories: 2 
PlayGoto DJ OlaDJ OlaDirectories: 10 
Ola is a programmer friend of mine and a great DJ!!
Goto Examples of Stored PlaylistsExamples of Stored PlaylistsFiles: 3 
This directory contains some examples of Stored or Canned Playlists
PlayGoto Groove ArmadaGroove ArmadaDirectories: 2 
PlayGoto GubbenGubbenDirectories: 1 
Gubben is really my friend Ola
PlayGoto Guy WilliamsGuy WilliamsDirectories: 1 
PlayGoto James ZabielaJames ZabielaDirectories: 5 
PlayGoto Jimmy Van MJimmy Van MDirectories: 5 
PlayGoto Peter KruderPeter KruderDirectories: 1 
PlayGoto Red JerryRed JerryDirectories: 2 
PlayGoto Richard DorfmeisterRichard DorfmeisterDirectories: 3 
PlayGoto Ricky MontanariRicky MontanariDirectories: 1 
PlayGoto Roger SanchezRoger SanchezDirectories: 2 
PlayGoto Rui Da SilvaRui Da SilvaDirectories: 3 
PlayGoto Sander KleinenbergSander KleinenbergDirectories: 8 
Goto SashaSashaDirectories: 11 
Example: There are so many entries in this folder that it is not playable, you have to drill in
PlayGoto Sasha & John DigweedSasha & John DigweedDirectories: 9 
PlayGoto Sasha & Sander KleinenbergSasha & Sander KleinenbergDirectories: 1 
PlayGoto Satoshi Tomiie & Cass & Steve PorterSatoshi Tomiie & Cass & Steve PorterDirectories: 1 
Play playList containing Essential 
Play steverance_brands.wmv